2018 Rocky Mountain Schedule

Discussion in '2018' started by bpanther, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. bpanther

    bpanther Administrator Staff Member

    April 14-15 Pueblo - confirmed

    May 19-20 LaJunta - confirmed

    June 23-24 PPIR - confirmed

    July 28-29 High Plains - confirmed

    August 11-12 Hastings - confirmed

    Sept 1-2 High Plains - confirmed

    Sept 29-30 Pueblo - confirmed
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  2. Josh Brauer

    Josh Brauer New Member

    Hallet June 9/10

    NASA Nationals at COTA Sept 14-16

    Any other crossovers planned?

    2018 NASA Utah Schedule ( tentative )
    March 16-18 West Track
    April 13-15 East Track
    May 18-20 West Track
    July 6-8 West Track
    August 3-5 Outer Track w/ 6hr Endurance Race
    September 7-9 East Track
    October 5-7 TresDuro Outer Track

    I haven't seen a NASA Central schedule published yet.
  3. Jay Jacobellis

    Jay Jacobellis New Member

    Looks like fun, I raced La Junta last month that's going to be a blast with 20 + Miatas running around. Do we know when the Teen Challenge schedule will be up
  4. dtabb

    dtabb New Member

    Hoo man, HPR, Miller, and Hastings in consecutive weekends. Sounds awesome!
  5. bucketfoot

    bucketfoot New Member

    So far I've only run HPDE (stock BMW X1 with street tires) at High Plains and plan on trying another track next year.

    Any thoughts on Pueblo versus La Junta?
  6. docwyte

    docwyte New Member

    As usual, couple of comflicts with AF for me...
  7. Supercharged111

    Supercharged111 New Member

    That's not the real AF. :p
  8. docwyte

    docwyte New Member

    Ha! Guaranteed that I do more work in 1 day than active duty does in a week. Or longer...
  9. dtabb

    dtabb New Member

    If you can only do one or the other, I'd go with Pueblo.
  10. Josh Brauer

    Josh Brauer New Member

    I’d guess turnout for La Junta won’t be as good as for Pueblo (at least HPDE), so probably more open track. That said Pueblo has a wider variety of turns, and hotels.
  11. Dave 90TT

    Dave 90TT New Member

    Never been to La Junta, and I like to experience different tracks, so I will be in for that.
  12. bucketfoot

    bucketfoot New Member

    Pueblo looks like the more interesting/challenging track. In the end it will most likely come down to which dates work better
  13. Josh Brauer

    Josh Brauer New Member

    So combining the RM region with the crossovers for Utah, Central, and Texas regions and COTA for Nationals gives a pretty full summer schedule:

    April 14-15 Pueblo - RM

    May 19-20 LaJunta - RM

    June 9-10 Hallet - Texas/RM

    June 23-24 PPIR - RM

    July 28-29 High Plains - RM

    August 3-5 Outer Track w/ 6hr Endurance Race - Utah/RM

    August 11-12 Hastings - Central/RM

    Sept 1-2 High Plains - RM

    Sept 14-16 NASA Nationals at COTA

    Sept 29-30 Pueblo - RM

    (October 5-7 TresDuro Outer Track - Utah)
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  14. Cnsprcy

    Cnsprcy New Member

    Any GTS guys interested in hauling to Mid Ohio on April 20th for the great lakes region race?

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  15. bpanther

    bpanther Administrator Staff Member

    Last time I "raced" at LaJunta it was 20-24 Spec Miatas. It was crazy fun.

    I'll get our calendar to Ron and he will set the TMC schedule.

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